Meet the MapUs team

Working with digital transformation is a collaborative effort, and that is also the case in our dynamic, Copenhagen based team. We are a diverse unit, with one thing biding us together: We're all passionate about consulting organizations on how to achieve their digital goals. And no matter the project, we lean on each other's expertise to create the best possible solutions.

We describe MapUs as the human element in digital transformation, and we strive to embody that notion in all aspects of our work. No matter how you engage with our platform, you can expect to be met by a team committed to embracing the human element of creation. We're sincerely interested in your organizational reality, honestly curious about your ideas and truly excited to support and follow your digital journey.

The MapUs Team

Jacob Brøndum Pedersen


Jacob is one of Denmark's leading digital literacy experts. With a background in sociology and communication, Jacob understands how powerful of a tool dialogue can be when working with digitalization processes. Jacob has been working with digital competences since 2010, when he co-founded Center for Digital Dannelse. He has extensive experience working with partners across sectors, successfully transforming complex digital concepts into user-friendly tools and self-assessment frameworks. No matter your field, Jacob will help you kickstart the digital dialogue and create enthusiasm and empowerment in your organization.

Anders Skov


Anders is a sociologist specialized in understanding digital competences and how they shape our daily lives as individuals on a societal, social and professional level. In addition to his strong theoretical foundation, Anders has deep technical insight into automation, web design and programming, which he has practiced for more than 10 years. Thus, Anders has a unique profile in digitalization; he masters both a techno anthropological understanding of the digitized community, as well as possessing the particular technical skills required to create software and tools which facilitate personal and professional growth.

Marie Enevoldsen

Head of education

Marie has a strong profile on conceptualizing and conveying digital trends. Her background in journalism and teaching makes her a talented mediator of digital concepts, especially around digital literacy. She is also an experienced project manager, and has used that skill set to help develop multiple customized MapUs frameworks for higher educational institutions - including original resources and learning materials. As such, Marie is the ideal advisor and collaborator if you're looking to hone in on and work proactively with the digital competences that matter to you.  

Emilie Hendel Møller

Head of Communication, expert on education

Emilie is an experienced communicator with a passion for sharing her expertise on how we approach the digital dialogue with the younger generations in our educational system. With a background in journalism, strategic communication and workshop facilitation, she knows how to convey her knowledge to both students, parents and educators in an engaging way. Whether you're looking for resources on how to approach digitalization as an educator or want to strengthen your entire institution's digital understanding, Emilie is ready to guide you.

Maria Lind Arlaud


Maria is a strong advocate for making digitalization feel accessible no matter your starting point. Experienced in political, creative and commercial communication, Maria is passionate about creating content that empowers people to unlock their digital potential. Her background in political science gives her a broad understanding of the societal impacts of digitization, as well as a strong methodological foundation for consulting organizations on how to best approach data and dialogue driven digital transformation. No matter the project, Maria will make sure that you feel seen and that your digital journey becomes one of empowerment.

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