Introducing MapUs

How MapUs works

MapUs surveys users and generates interactive, in depth reports on their digital competence levels - both individually and as groups. With a combined focus on data and dialogue, MapUs is a great tool to initiate and support digital transformation. It engages users and makes digitalization feel accessible to to them, all while providing them with concrete data on their abilities. 

In short, what MapUs can do for your organization is this:

  1. Create a shared mindset of what it means to be digital in your organization.
  2. Provide a comprehensive, data based overview of your digital strengths and weaknesses. 
  3. Present data in a way that intuitively guides you in developing the roadmap for your digital transformation.
  4. Create a direct link between results and resources for improvement, empowering you to strengthen your digital competencies. 
  5. Quantify and keep track of progress to foster continued growth and learning. 

Digital Competence models

We understand that digital competence can mean different things depending on who you are, and what you do. With MapUs, you can create and work with the digital competence model that's a perfect fit for your project. 

If you want a fully realized, plug and play tool to get you started tomorrow, you can use the original MapUs framework: The Digital Competence Wheel. This tried and tested competence model will give you a broad assessment of your users' digital competence levels, as well as an extensive resource catalogue with exercises for further dialogue, reflection and growth.

If you, on the other hand, want to customize how you define and measure digital competence, MapUs also lets you do that. With our Survey Builder module, you can adjust all components of the original framework, and build the assessment and learning universe that mirrors your organizational reality perfectly. 

Powerful reporting and result presentation

The way MapUs works and presents data is both powerful and empowering. 

With a strong and versatile report generator, MapUs turns data collection, data analysis and data presentation into one simple step. With just a few clicks, you can create fully visualized, in depth interactive reports for all occasions. Whether you need a baseline report for management or want to conduct a benchmark analysis, MapUs can do the hard work for you. 

And for those reading the reports, MapUs makes it easy identify key findings and the natural next steps on their digital journey - both on an individual and group level. Our result presentation highlights strengths and weaknesses and empowers users to work purposefully with improvement. Simply put, MapUs results provide you with the roadmap to a succesful digital transformation. 

Empowering and educational DNA

MapUs was born out of a desire to educate people about digital competence and empower them to improve. This DNA is embedded throughout the software, in everything from the assessment to the result presentation. Too often, competence assessments will simply end with a "thank you for your participation" without showing users what to do with the results. With MapUs, results are interactive, and you can show your users how to turn their newfound awareness into action and improvement. 

The opportunity to input and integrate your own organization’s resources with MapUs is one of our most exciting features. If you have written materials, offer internal upskilling courses or have an LMS system, you can create a direct link between the MapUs competences and results and your internal structures with the resource module. And if you don't have resources of your own, we have an extensive catalogue of exercises for dialogue and reflection to get you started. 

Elevate recruiting, performance reviews and much more

MapUs is a highly versatile tool and with a bit of creativity, you can take your organization's digital profile to new heights.

Think of recruiting: Wouldn't it be great if you knew that potential candidates were up to par on digital competence before hiring them? With MapUs, you can have them take your assessment, or even create a specific competence profile for new employees, saving you energy and time on finding the perfect match. 

Or how about using all the data you've gathered on your organization's competence levels to qualify your performance reviews? MapUs could be the data driven starting point you've been missing to steer those conversations to a good place. 

The possibilities with MapUs are only limited by your imagination.

Want to Know more?

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