How can we Help you?

  • Guiding new customers

    Not one person or organization uses MapUs in the exact same way. So if you're curious about all the possibilities, fill out the form, tell us about your project and get a free one on one session with our experts on what Mapus can do for you.

  • Help to self help

    We aim to educate and empower MapUs users to be able to solve any challenges they may face themselves. And if they get stuck, we have an extensive catalogue of guide material in our Knowledge Base.

  • General user support

    In case you experience issues with your use of the MapUs or can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours and do what we can to solve your problem as smoothly as possible.

  • Technical support and consultancy

    If you end up needing more advanced support which requires developing or consultancy services, we'll work together to find a meaningful solution.

Contact information

We're available all weekdays from 9am-4pm (CET/CEST).

  • +45 71 74 38 76


    Already a MapUs subscriber? Please contact:

  • Vesterbrogade 14A, 1620 Copenhagen V