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We have articles and videos to help you learn everything from how to prepare for a MapUs project to how to build you own competence model.


Getting started

Get a better understanding of how to get started with MapUs and how to use it actively in your organization.

Survey building

Learn how to build your own MapUs platform and competence model with the survey builder module.

Advanced features

Explore some of the more advanced functions of MapUs like question building and CSS coding.

Video Tutorials

Look through our video tutorials, where we guide you in making the most of all the possibilities of MapUs. 

Getting Started

Get a better understanding of how to get started with MapUs

Admin guide

Superusers of MapUs can be arranged into 3 different types, depending on the level of access they have to the different functions presented in the “Admin” menu. 

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Internal facilitation

Want to know how to use MapUs in workshop situations? Or do you want to explore the possibilities of date driven performance reviews? The check out our guides on how you can use MapUs for internal facilitation.

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Basic feature guide

Essentially, you only have to master 4 basic functions to be able to work purposefully with competency mapping. Learn about the basics in this guide.

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MapUs result guide

Whether you’re looking to put together the perfect result presentation, or want some inspiration on how to use the different results and visualizations most efficiently, this guide has you covered. 

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Survey Building

Learn how to build you own MapUs platform.

Working with personas

Creating Personas in MapUs enables you to work strategically with competence profiles that are important to you. Learn more about Personas in this guide.

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Idea integration guide

This is a quick and practical step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly integrate your own ideas about digital transformation into your MapUs platform by creating your own unique content. 

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Advanced Features

Explore some of the more advanced features of MapUs.

Do you have a question?

What is MapUs? How can I create my own survey? And is it possible to implement my own ressources?

We have gathered some of the most typical questions from our customers and partners in our FAQ. 

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