MapUs vs. other survey softwares

Understand the methodology behind MapUs, which makes it uniquely suited for digital transformation processes.

MapUs is one of a kind

When our users first experience MapUs, it’s clear to them that we offer something different from the survey software they’ve previously encountered. In short, what separates MapUs from other survey software on the market is this:

  • A fully developed model of analysis embedded in the software, specially built to measure digital competence. 
  • A powerful data motor that turns data collection, data processing and data presentation into one simple step.
  • A focus on empowerment that motivates users to complete the survey and engage with their results to improve their level of competence. 

To illustrate how these features make MapUs uniquely situated to help organizations make their digital transformation a positive and successful experience, we’ve broken them down into the functionalities of a survey and compared the MapUs approach to classic survey software. You can download the full comparison and overview on the left.