MapUs definitions, typical questions and GDPR & data.

MapUs definitions

MapUs is the name of our brand and software, which is owned by Center for Digital Dannelse.

The MapUs-software can be used to measure competences and comes with an automated Analyzer Dashboard that instantly generates reports based on the user’s replies.

MapUs is the engine behind several survey frameworks, including our most popular, The Digital Competence Wheel. This survey is theoretically based on the EU’s framework The Digital Competence Framework 2.0, also called DigComp. The survey’s purpose is to provide an overview of digital competences, and offer concrete tools to how these competences can be elevated and improved. The Digital Competence Wheel is currently translated into nine languages.

Our software is more than a questionnaire tool. We always measure competencies based on a survey framework. The framework contains the specific questions you want to ask the user, but they do not stand alone. All questions are linked to the competencies that you and your company want to measure. When linking questions and competencies from the start, you ensure a better survey design.

There are three different admin levels in the MapUs tool. You can read about the admins here.

A “mapping” is counted every time a respondent finishes the survey. Therefore, a mapping is not counted in the survey before all questions have been answered.

A “survey” is the summation of the questions, competences, taxonomy and resources. It is possible to have several surveys with unique questions, competences, taxonomy and resources included in one subscription.

It’s important to note that each survey includes data specifically connected to that survey. Therefore, it is not possible to carry out benchmark analyses across surveys within the MapUs platform.

The MapUs resources have the purpose of helping your respondents go from results to action. The resources are linked to the competences. This way each competence can be improved with the help of different resources. Some examples of resources could be internal learning materials, courses, videos etc. 

The MapUs platform has a list of already integrated standard resources. These cover examples of high-level competence, benefits from high-level competence, and suggestions for exercises. You can make use of these standard ressources, but it is always a good idea to add your own as well.

Typical questions

Yes, you can easily buy a survey framework in your own language. Some of our existing survey frameworks are already available in several other languages, such as The Digital Competence Wheel. But you can also choose to translate one of our frameworks into a language that is not yet on the list. When you do that, you get free access to the tool for an entire year.

We are also happy to help you build a new MapUs portal with your very own survey framework, and when doing so you always choose the language yourself.

When building your own survey framework (which is possible with our Customized and personalized Subscription plans), it is definitely possible to create free text questions. But be aware that answers in free text will not appear in the visual results display. Instead, administrators can access the written responses through the admin menu.

Unfortunately no. However, you can direct the users to different questions depending on his or her answers. By doing that different users are guided to different branches of the survey.

Yes, it is. In our Analyzer Dashboard, administrators can easily build all the reports they want. Here, administrators choose which visualizations and components to include in a report. You also choose which dataset(s) the report should be built on. Furthermore, while building your report you can see what the final result will look like in the report preview.

Yes, they can. The respondent simply has to copy the URL of the survey he or she is working on and return to the same address when ready to proceed.

Administrators can always go back and see previous answers for a respondent. This is done by searching for the user’s name or email in the admin menu: Go to “View groups” and select “Find user”.

Respondents can also save links to their own results and review their answers at any time.

Once an administrator has created a group link, e.g. to map employees in a specific department, it only expires if you choose to terminate your subscription.

Likewise, results are only deleted if they are manually removed by an administrator or if the subscription is terminated.

There is no limit to how many groups you can or may create in the tool. But be aware that our subscriptions contain different numbers of annual surveys, ie. the number of unique user responses.

Read more about the different subscription types here.

No, as long as you have an active subscription, we do not delete your data.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to import or merge existing data from other surveys into the system, nor from other MapUs frameworks.

However, it is possible to export your data in a CSV file so that you can compile your data sets yourself. Please note that CSV file export is not possible with a Basic subscription.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to benchmark data from different MapUs-frameworks / portals.

You can of course always create two baseline reports (one for each framework) og benchmark them manually.

The easiest way to direct users from your LMS system to the MapUs tool is by linking to the tool via an URL.

However, it is also possible to embed the tool using an “iframe”, but this places certain demands on your system and also requires a smaller development fee.

Yes, you can always add additional frameworks to your subscription. But be aware that we charge you for any development hours and that your subscription price will increase slightly.

Read more about our prices and your options here.

No, of course we do not charge subscribers for regular support. You will find answers to most questions here in the FAQ and in our knowledge bank. But you are also welcome to contact us by email or phone +45 71 74 38 76.

If your request requires more specialized consultancy or help from our developer, you will be notified before we forward you to the right person. The price per development hour is 179 EUR. Consultancy is purchased in packages of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20  hours. See the prices at the bottom of this page.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge about the software and its many possibilities as well as insights into how other customers benefit from the tool in their projects. Therefore, consultant hours can be used for tasks such as consulting in your development phase or concrete help to set up elements in your MapUs-portal. Consultancy is purchased in packages of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20  hours. See the prices at the bottom of this page.

First and foremost, a survey in MapUs is built on a number of key competences that are made up of different questions in the survey. 

Therefore, when building your own survey in MapUs it is a good idea to start off with determining the competences you wish to evaluate in your project. Hereafter, you establish what specific questions or statements should be related to the competences you wish to evaluate. 

Moreover, the survey also consists of a taxonomy and a number of resources. Both taxonomy and resources can also be tailored to your liking, or you can keep the already integrated standard MapUs material.

The MapUs taxonomy is used to describe how the questions and competences are scored. When you look at where a particular score is placed in the taxonomy, you can see what “level” a respondent is placed on within every competence and what it means. 

The standard MapUs taxonomy has 8 levels with associated descriptions of each level. If you have the Customized og Personalized subscription, you can always tailor this taxonomy to your own project just the way you like.

The criteria for terminating a MapUs subscription is to notify the MapUs team in writing at least one (1) month before the end of the subscription term. If we are not notified at least on (1) month prior,, the subscription will be automatically renewed for an additional period equal to the duration of the initial subscription term.

With a Customized, Personalized, or Enterprise subscription, you can always integrate your own resources to your MapUs survey. You can also tailor the existing resources as you like.

Yes, it is possible to both get one survey in several languages or several surveys with each their own individual language.

If you wish to have your survey translated into a different language than the one you already have, or if you wish to translate one of our standard survey frameworks into a language that we do not already offer, we have a specific translation process in place. 

The translation process looks as such: 

  1. We withdraw a PO.file with the use of a translation software. The software creates two versions of the content of the survey – a version in the standard language (English or Danish), and a version in the new desired language. 
  2. You proofread, edit and approve the pre-translated content (internally) – or: we handle the proofreading, editing, and approval for you. This task will cost an additional amount since we need to hire external help. 
  3. You approve the final version of the translated content. 
  4. We implement the translated and approved content to the survey. 

Important: Since the procedure of editing something in a translated survey costs us additional consultancy hours, a new upload with corrections costs additional fees. Therefore, it is very important that you take your time to proofread and approve the texts the first time. 

Also, note that you should be sure that the content in the survey you translate from English is completely done. If you need to make changes in the original English survey, we would have to repeat the translation process, which will both cost you extra time for proofreading and additional fees.

When you create groups in MapUs, you can send out a unique link for a specific group of respondents whose data / results will be gathered in that group. At the same time, a unique result link is generated specifically for that group, which can be sent to relevant people who need to follow the results of that specific group. 

You also have the possibility of tailoring a specific welcome message for your different groups which is shown when respondents in the specific group begins the survey, as well as tailoring a personal result email which is sent when respondents type in their email to get their personal result sent. These customizable messages are a great way of directing your communication. Fx. if you want to divide your respondents into departments and give those departments different instructions in relation to the survey.

Yes, as a standard it is possible to answer the survey anonymously and thereby leave out person-sensitive information, such as name and email. 

With a Customized, Personalized, or Enterprise subscription you can always edit, delete and add questions, and thereby you can decide yourself what personal information you want your respondents to provide.

GDPR and data

As a subscriber, you are the data controller for your organization’s data. MapUs is the data processor. This means that you are the owner of your own organization’s data, and if necessary you can add your own privacy policy or terms of use.

But be aware that this must be done by one of our consultants and therefore requires that you purchase consultancy hours or use the hours included in your subscription.

Yes, it is part of our general terms of use, which can be accessed here.

You can find all information on how we process data in our IT Policy.

Your data will be stored at our server which is geographically located in Denmark. The server is managed by us (MapUs) and is maintained by our provider DLX A/S (also located in Denmark).

As stated in our general Terms and Conditions, data is stored as long as you have an active subscription. If you end your subscription, we are obliged to delete your personal data no longer than 3 months after the subscription period ends.

Only your organization’s administrators and the MapUs team can access your data. The MapUs team currently consists of six employees.

MapUs only process the data which is requested in the survey and entered by the respondent. Thereby, if you do not supply any personal data, this will not be processed. It is not a requirement to enter personal data i the original MapUs frameworks. 

As a subscriber with the admin access “survey builder”, i.e with the possibility to create/edit one own framework, it is up to the individual subscriber to decide on what data they wish to collect. 

Note: The admin access “survey builder” is given to subscribers of our Customized and Personalized subscription.

MapUs cannot be held reliable for any possible use of free text fields and any data that might be entered in such situations.


As a general rule, it is MapUs’ own Terms and Conditions that are considered valid, and these are principally not changed.

However, some exceptions may exist for some Enterprise customers. In case a customer needs to make any changes to MapUs’ Terms and Conditions, or other legal documents, MapUs reserves the right to charge additional fees for the required consultancy hours and possible external legal assistance. 

In case the customer requires MapUs to review and sign additional legal documents, besides MapUs own legal documents, MapUs reserves the right to charge consultancy fees and/or additional fees for external legal assistance. 

MapUs has the capacity to handle minor changes to the Terms and Conditions, such as simple changes to a limited number of clauses in the existing Terms and Conditions. Consultancy and/or legal fees may vary according to the scope of the changes.

Contact us, and we will have a look at the preferred changes and what the process should be.

Since the privacy policy and terms of service are hard-coded into the system, unfortunately you cannot add your own. But we will be happy to do it for you. Be aware that this requires consultancy hours which you can either purchase or you use the consultancy hours included in your subscription.

Contact us for more information.