Begin your digital tranformation with MapUs

On this page, you can explore the features that make MapUs uniquely suited to initiate and support your digital transformation, and find guides on how to make the most of them. 

Understand the basic features

MapUs makes it easy for you to initiate your digital transformation. Essentially, you only have to master 4 basic functions to be able to work purposefully with competency mapping. And when you have the basics down, you can start right away. 

Learn more about to survey you users, generate interactive baseline and benchmark reports and administer access to data. 

A 5 step Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a staple concept in the world of organizational development. Even so, most people have trouble understanding how to actually make digital transformation happen. This is why we created MapUs - to make digital transformation feel accessible and empowering no matter your organizational reality.

Essentially, there is a roadmap to successful digital transformation following this model embedded in MapUs, and here's how to read it.

Get your preparation right

One of the things that excite our users the most about MapUs, is that it makes digitization and digital transformation feel accessible and empowering. They’re often eager to start the process right away. However, to lay the groundwork for a successful MapUs project, preparation is key.

Here, we've gathered some important questions to ask yourself before launching your project and advice on how to do it right.

How to read and use MapUs results

One of the main features of MapUs is the exciting possibilities when it comes to presenting your results in reports.

To make sure that you can create the perfect presentation, we’ve designed an extensive catalogue of different visualizations that lets you present your results in a way that's meaningful for your audience.

This guide walks you through some of the different templates for result presentation available in MapUs, by showing you the visuals, explaining how to read them, and how to use them most effectively. 

MapUs report overview

Want to Learn more?

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Admin guide

Superusers of MapUs can be arranged into 3 different types, depending on the level of access they have to the different functions presented in the “Admin” menu. 

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Internal facilitation

Want to know how to use MapUs in workshop situations? Or do you want to explore the possibilities of date driven performance reviews? The check out our guides on how you can use MapUs for internal facilitation.

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