Internal facilitation with Mapus


Facilitate engaging MapUs Workshops

One of the best ways to engage your organization in mapping their digital competences is facilitating a workshop/webinar where they complete the survey and discuss their insights. The great thing about this workshop format, is that it works in multiple phases of your MapUs project. It can be a great kickoff event to launch your digital transformation journey, as well as a good setting for diving into specific areas of interest further down the line. It could even be turned into an annual status report. 

However you wish to do it, this guide takes you through the steps of facilitating a successful MapUs workshop from beginning to end.

Qualify your Performance reviews

Most organizations work with performance reviews in one way or another. These conversations can be a challenging exercise for both the employee and the manager. They require preparation, and if they don’t have a clear focus, the conversation can quickly become superficial, with neither parties harvesting the potential benefits of connecting. However, at least on the subject of digital competence and development, MapUs can be activated as a tool to steer the conversation and ensure that the manager and employee can see eye to eye.

Learn more about this facet of MapUs, and how to use it in a performance review situation in this guide.

Want to talk about internal facilitation With an expert?

We've spent the past 10 years facilitating everything from workshops to brainstorm sessions to beta tests. So if you want tips and tricks on how to do internal facilitation right with MapUs, book a session with one of our experts.