How to successfully prepare for using MapUs

It might sound obvious, but in our years of experience in this field, underestimating the importance of preparation is one of the most common and crucial mistakes in digital transformation. To make sure you get the best possible start to your digital journey, we’ve gathered some important points of reflection and pieces of advice for you to consider.

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Step 1: Define your purpose with using MapUs

First and foremost, you need to define what it is you want MapUs to help you achieve. 

MapUs holds a lot of possibilities, but if you don’t have a clear goal to steer you, they might become more overwhelming than exciting. 

By defining a purpose, you can avoid wasting time and resources on things you don’t need, and instead hone in on what is actually meaningful to you. 

Questions to ask yourself

Step 2: Be sure to have the right people on your team

Facilitating a succesful MapUs project doesn’t need to require a big operation.

However, there are usually a few key roles that need to be filled out (which can be managed by the same person depending on the scope of the project): 

  1. Some kind of project manager 

  2. A superuser willing to spend some time learning how to work in MapUs

  3. A contact person for your users 

Depending on the purpose and scale of your MapUs project, you might need something completely different. Regardless, it’s important to consider which skill-sets you need on your team in order to achieve your goal.

Questions to ask yourself

Step 3: Make sure your management is on board

When you’re looking to initiate a transformative process and invest in new resources, you’ll probably be asked about the cost.

No matter the case, successful digital transformation requires time and effort, and while powerful in many ways, MapUs can’t do all the work for you. 

But it is a great enabling tool and this is what you should focus on when making sure that you have the support of you organizations leadership. Their support is crucial, because they’ll most likely be the ones allocating the resources. 

Therefore, you need to be able to show them why MapUs is a good investment and how it can help your organization evolve. 

Things you should be able to explain to your management

Step 4: Make sure your employees are on board

Successful digital transformation is a collaborative effort and a big part of your results will depend on the attitude in your organization. 

In our experience, one of the the most important – and often overlooked – parts of preparing for a digital transformation, is making sure that the employees understand and trust the process. 

A lot of people find digitalization overwhelming to begin with and when you add the use of a new software, which measures them, they might be inclined to resist.   

That’s why you need to be able to present the reasons for working with MapUs in a way that makes your employees feel comfortable and empowered.

Things you should be able to explain to your employees

Final 3 pieces of advice

Allocate resources

Be realistic about the necessary resources and allocate them early, both in terms of time, money and effort. Successful digital transformation requires time and effort, and although MapUs is a great tool, it isn’t a quick fix.

Create a timeline

Create a timeline of your MapUs project. Both to help yourself structure your work, but also to let your management and employees in on the plan and make them understand the complete journey.

Use the MapUs team

If you at any point need guidance on how to create the best process for you, don’t hesitate to contact the MapUs team. We have years of experience in this field and are more than happy to share and help you work purposefully with digital competence.