Working with Personas

What is a Persona?

Being digitally competent means different things depending on who you are, and what you do. For some, it's super important to know all about software and coding, while others need to be skilled at digital communication. Recognizing these differences is key when developing a digital strategy, and this is where Personas come into play.

Creating Personas in MapUs enables you to work strategically with the competence profiles that are important to you. It's a great tool to turn abstract concepts into concrete and measurable digital skills sets and if you activate your imagination, you'll begin to see many possibilities. Our users have done everything from conceptualizing good digital management to creating personas for recruitment - and we can't wait to see, what you do next.


Want to make sure that your new potential employees match your desired digital competence profile before hiring? Create a persona for recruiting and have your candidates complete the assessment. This creates a more efficient process, helping you to make a qualified decision.


Personas is a great tool for giving your new employees insight into what it means to be digitally competent in your organization. Map the digital strengths and weaknesses of new employees to help them off to get a good start at the workplace.

Diverse teams

Assembling a good team is all about getting people with the right mix of skills and attitudes together. Personas can help you do just that. Create competence profiles for different types of team members, have you employees complete the assessment, and you'll have the overview you need to group your people into succesful units. 

Want to work with personas?

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Case: Digital leadership in Danish municipalities

Making digital leadership accessible and empowering for municipal managers
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