Want to be a MapUs reseller?

Get in touch and we'll discuss the opporttunities for you to add MapUs to your product catalogue and introduce your clientele to the world of empowering digital transformation. 

Contact us: sales@mapus.io

The MapUs Reseller Model

  • Simple pricing concept

    Our goal is to create reseller opportunities that are transparent, easy to manage and gives creative freedom. Our Reseller solutions are designed as add-on packages for our regular MapUs subscriptions, where discount is applied to your existing annual subscription when you choose to resell the MapUs product.

  • Exclusive reseller material

    We want to help you in providing your clients with the best possible service and product. That is why we give you exclusive access to materials that's support your reselling efforts. Explore our exclusive reseller material and make your service shine - whether that be in consultancy services, workshops, product integration etc.

  • Collaboration and support

    Reselling is a partnership, so we’ll gladly take any suggestions on how to optimize the mutual benefit of our model into consideration. And we want to make selling our product as easy as possible, so we'll gladly provide you with advice that'll support your sales.