The 21st century calls for digital education, and MapUs was born out of a desire to educate. Empower your institution as well as your students to become the digital ambassadors of tomorrow.



Feel the atmosphere when people start talking after having spent some time thinking about their digital knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Map the digital competences of your educators and staff, and begin creating a strong digital mindset and profile for your entire institution.


Teach your classes how to become better digital citizens and students with MapUs' specialized frameworks for digital education. 

Create a full Digital Education profile

Being a modern educational institution requires a strong digital profile. Your educators are expected to be able to wield digital tools in their teaching. The workload managed by your administrative staff is also increasingly digital. And you're likely to have students who want to learn about the impacts of broad socialtal digitization. Whatever your situation is, MapUs can be the tool that allows your institution to embark on a digital journey together.

Empower both educators and students

Being a digitally competent educator and student today requires a specific digital skill set. You're expected to be able to wield digital tools in and outside of the class room, practice critical evaluation and be aware of digital footprints, to name a few.

That's why we've created frameworks specially designed for both groups to hone in on their digital competences. For teachers, we have DigCompEdu and The Digital Competence Wheel for Teachers. And for students we have Digital Study Competences aimed at highschoolers (16yo+) and The Digital Competence Wheel for Pupils for the younger ones (12-15yo).

You can either use them as plug and play solutions, or as templates to build upon or make your own.


MapUs was created with education in mind. You can connect your organization’s own e-learning resources to the platform so that organizational and individual development will feel like a natural next step. And if you need supplementary material, we have an extensive exercise catalogue available.


Digitalization can be a complex subject to convey, but MapUs breaks it down in tangible real life terms rooted specifically in your reality, enabling you to create a shared language and common understanding of what digital education and digital competence means in your organization.

Customize to fit your exact needs

The flexibility of MapUs allows for endless possibilities for customization. So whether you need to build a platform to use actively in your education or want to create a competence model for institution wide digital transformation, we’ve got you covered. 

Cases: Elevating the digital competences of both educators and students

Enhancement of Digital Competence for Educators
UCL University College came to us looking for a tool that could help them work strategically with the digital competence levels of their educators. Together, we developed a MapUs framework that allowed them to do just that. What followed was a transformation that birthed and rooted a digital mindset throughout the organization.  
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