Empower your organization to transform

Be the voice in HR that makes digital transformation an empowering and fulfilling experience in your organization with MapUs.



Map the digital strengths and weaknesses of new employees to help them off to get a good start at the workplace.


Connect your own internal resources to the MapUs platform to qualify and elevate your upskilling efforts in the digital realm.

Initiating dialogue

Feel the atmosphere when people start talking after having spent some time thinking about their digital knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Gain organizational overview

From an HR perspective, initiating digital transformation can seem daunting. MapUs makes it simple by generating a complete and comprehensive organizational overview in just one step. Have your organization complete the digital competence survey, so you can get started working purposefully with digital development.

MapUs competence overview

Focus your upskilling efforts

MapUs presents results in a way that makes it clear to see where you should target your upskilling efforts. This enables you to implement differentiated learning and ensure that everyone receives the training most meaningful for their individual digital journey.


Our versatile report generation allows you to be intentional with your efforts. You can create reports on different employee groups, specific competences and for different recipients. So whether you need a report to send to management or a brief to bring to your next team meeting, MapUs has got you covered. 


MapUs supports HR consultants in their educational efforts. We’ve made it easy to connect your organization’s own e-learning resources to the platform so that organizational and individual development will feel like a natural next step. And if you need supplementary material, we have an extensive exercise catalogue available.


Digitalization can be a complex subject to convey, but MapUs breaks it down in tangible real life terms rooted specifically in your organizational reality, enabling you to create a shared language and common understanding of what it means to be digitally competent in your organization.


The flexibility incorporated in the MapUs platform allows for endless possibilities for customization. So whether you need to incorporate specific competence profiles or change the entire frame of questions to fit a different framework in your organization, we’ve got you covered. 

Cases: HR-driven digital transformation

Anchoring a organization wide digital mindset
The HR department at Region Midtjylland were looking for a tangible tool to kickstart the work with digital competencies as they had identified a gap in the employees’ digital mindset. Some employees assumed that digitization only concerned the IT department, and MapUs helped them change that.
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Targeted competence development for health staff
MapUs is a great tool for supporting upskilling efforts, and measuring their effect. That is exactly what Horsens municipality used MapUs for. With a customized competence model amied at health staff, they elevated their Technology Agent Training program (TAU) and helped the participants see how digital solutions supported their tasks.
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