The building blocks in survey building

The MapUs survey builder module gives users the opportunity to create the digital competence model that's a perfect fit for their organization or project. For some, it might be a question of adjusting the wording, while others may be inspired to create new content from scratch. Either way, you can do it all with our 5 building blocks, giving you complete control of your digital journey. 

  • Survey

  • Questionnaire

  • Competences

  • Taxonomy

  • Resources

Personalize the presentation of your survey

First impressions matter, and you can ensure that you're making a great one with your MapUs platform by using the survey editor.

Present your organization to your users in a way that speaks to you. You can change the title of your platform and the content of the frontpage, as well as personalize your messaging and branding . 

Ask the question that matter to you

The question editor allows you to create the perfect questionnaire for your organization. Whether you want to adjust our wordings or create original content, it enables you to ask the exact questions about digital competence that are relevant to you.

You decide everything from how questions are structured and answered to  whether they are filterable in the report module or not. You even have the ability to control the relationship between questions and competences. 

Design your own competences

Competences are the heart of any MapUs platform, and with the competence editor, you have the ability to build the competence model that's a ideal fit for your organization's digital journey. 

By designing your own competences, you can ensure that you're measuring digital competence in a way that reflects your organizational reality. You have free reign to define competences and their relationship to each other, as well as their relationship to the questionnaire. You can even create a weighted algorithm on how the score on a competence is measured by the related questions. 

You get to set the score

Whenever MapUs produces a score, it corresponds to a taxonomy level, and with the taxonomy editor, you get to decide how scores are categorized. 

Customizing the taxonomy allows you to work with competence levels in the way that's most meaningful to your organization. You might want to strategically broaden or narrow certain levels. Or maybe you have a taxonomy of your own that you want to integrate to your MapUs platform. Either way, the taxonomy editor makes it possible. 

Integrate your own resources

One of the biggest challenges with digital transformation is bridging the gap between heightened awareness and actual action towards improvement. And this is why the resource editor is one of the most exciting features of MapUs. 

Essentially, you can build your own learning universe by creating a direct link between the competences, results and your resources. If you have your own internal learning materials, LMS systems, upskilling courses etc. simply connect them to your competences. Then your users will see them when they their results, and have a direct call to action to send well them off on the next step of their digital journey.