Explore MapUs Advanced Features

This page is for users who want to dive even deeper into all the impressive features of MapUs. You'll find guides and articles on some of the more technical aspects of our software and cool tips on how to elevate your MapUs platform.

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In depth guide on question bulding

The MapUs question editor has a ton of cool functionalities beyond the basics. Get the full rundown of all the possibilities and check out our top tips on how to build good and reliable questions. 

How is MapUs different from other survey softwares?

MapUs isn't the only survey software on the market, but it's the one most uniquely suited for supporting digital transformation. Learn more about the methodology behind the MapUs survey and how in compares to more conventional alternatives. 

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Coloring Questions

The Mapus team will gladly help you bring your esthetic vision to life, but if you feel like having at a go at it yourself, you can download our quick guide on how to color the questions in your survey.