How to use the basics of MapUs

We created MapUs with the goal of making digital transformation feel accessible. MapUs does most of the hard work for you by surveying your users and crunching, analyzing and presenting the data for you.

Essentially, you only have to master 4 basic functions to be able to work purposefully with competency mapping: group creation, baseline reports, benchmark reports and administrating access to you data. Once you've familiarized yourself with the essentials, you can begin the transformative process.

  • Group creation

  • Baseline reports

  • Benchmark reports

  • Administrate access

Create Groups

Before you begin mapping your users, it's important to think about how you want to segment the data in your organization. This is what you use the groups function for. 

When you create groups, you generate the survey links that will allow your users easy access to the survey and begin the self-assessment. 

Generate Baseline reports

When your groups have completed the assessment, the natural next step is creating an overview of the initial data with reports. 

Our unique data motor and report generator makes this step easy for you. You simply just specify what data you're interested in seeing a report on. Then MapUs does the rest of the work with creating a visually interactive and comprehensive report that shows you the way to improvement. 

Compare data with benchmark reports

Whether you want to compare results on different groups or individuals or if you want to track your groups' or team members progress over time, our benchmark reports can do it for you. 

When you've specified what data you want to include, our report generator will make a benchmark report that easily lets you compare your data and assess where to focus your digitalization efforts going forward.   

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Administrate access to Data in your organization

If you need to give other people in your organization access to the survey data, you can easily do so by using the Manage Admins function. 

Here, you can control who gets access to which groups and keep track of your administrators, enabling you to make using MapUs a collaborative effort. 

If you want to learn more about admins and access levels, check out our admin guide.

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